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Seems to me I have neglected this blog as I did intend to set this up, get people interested and get some feedback for the wider world. All I have so far is spam spam spam.

I have just finished reading a book about chatting up girls called The Game. It was an interesting read about an internet network of PUA’s, or Pick Up Artists, who believe that there are strategies that one can follow in order to master the skills of seduction.

These guys are charging serious money for what they call field trips where they take you out into a club and show you how it’s done and then teach you how to do it.

But you know what they are actually doing. This is a confidence class, they dress it up and call it seduction but in truth it’s about making you feel confident about approaching and chatting up girls.

The fact is that, as I have said in some of the other pages here, confidence is the key, without it you might get the girl or you might not, with it the odds are stacked for you. So whatever it takes for you to gain that confidence is the answer to your failure or success with women. It won’t help you keep them, that’s relationship management, but it might help you pick up a girl in the first place.

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