How Do I Chat Up Girls: It’s a Numbers Game

I appreciate that for some of you this isn’t going to help because you have your eye on a specific girl, the barmaid at the Red Lion or the girl in your History class. That’s a whole different ball game but it’s still one you can play, I’m just not going to deal with that here.

This is the page where I say, ‘It’s a Numbers Game’, pure and simple as that. Put another way, which I’m sure you must have heard before, ‘ there’s someone for everyone’. What that means is you have got to do the numbers in order to find them.

Let me give you an insight, there are certain things that women do find attractive, but the main thing is confidence, not arrogance, but self-confidence. Lots of other things help and it’s these other things which we, as men, think that women like. Good looks, money, nice clothes, fast cars, being cool, being tough… the list goes on. But think about it for a moment if you break that list down all of those things have something in common. They make the man in question more confident.

You know if you are good looking you feel confident. If you are wearing a £500 suit, it makes you feel good, (they called that power dressing once). Same with the money same with the car etc etc. All those external things are there to make you feel better about yourself. If you do that you will automatically appeal to women because they like confidence. All this sounds like crap right? But this is why footballers, film stars, singers and the like get lots of girls, it’s not all about the fame and the money!

So it’s not Aerospace engineering, (that’s the real phrase, not, ‘Rocket Science’, which doesn’t exist), plus lots of people are going to say, this is to simplistic and shallow and I hear that. However I can tell you that I have seen this with my own eyes so I guess I have to say I believe it. The hardest part of chatting up girls is making that first approach, taking the first step, for some reason men find that very difficult. What you need to do is approach it from the numbers point of view. That is if you speak to ten girls then you are going to hit it off with at least one of them and maybe even two, if you are super confident, cool and dressed to kill with a hot set of wheels outside you might make contact with half of them. The reason you will fail with all of them is because of the numbers. The simple fact is that everyone is different, there you go, and for my next earth shattering revelation…..

The fact that we are all different means that no matter how handsome, rich, famous we may be there will always be women who just don’t like us. It’s nothing personal and that’s what you have to understand, it’s not you, it’s the numbers. If you have blonde hair there will be ladies who like brown hair, you are therefore at a disadvantage straight away. If you are tall the lady you what to chat up might like small guys, you’re done. The problem for you is that you have to go through these numbers in order to get to the girl who likes tall boys/blonde boys. So you see it’s not you, your self confidence and self esteem don’t need to take the hit. It’s not you it’s just the numbers. In the same way that you might not like brussel sprouts, (seasonal you see), some people love them, we are all different we all like different things. Different women like different things in a man.

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