How Do I Chat up Girls: Make the Best of What you Have

Now although as I’ve said it’s basically a numbers game, you can slant the numbers in your favour. You have to take care of the obvious things because those are the things that make you look good and therefore feel more confident, which is what we are trying to achieve. The obvious things in this instance being things that you can change with a relatively low budget, of course if you have the money to go buy a Porsche then you go ahead. For the rest of us mere mortals I am referring to the easy things to change.

Number one get your hair cut! I am not going to recommend spending a fortune on a new hair do at the local salon. Think back to the last time you came out of the barber’s thinking actually that doesn’t look too bad, that’s the cut we want. As I keep saying it’s all about how you feel about it and not¬†necessarily¬†how much it costs or whether it’s the latest David Beckham, or One Direction look. In order to chat up girls effectively you have to feel as if you look good, good grooming is all about that. If you don’t already do so then make sure you book in once every four weeks for those flowing locks to be shorn, even if you wear your hair long keep it trimmed!

Next on the list is washing and shaving, yes that’s right, it’s that basic. Most men will shower or bath when they think that have to, well I’m telling you that you have to, every day. There are ladies that you will be chatting up and meeting, in the numbers game, that love that scruffy look you cultivate and that’s fine, but what you don’t want to be is scruffy and dirty. Same with the beard and moustache wearing amongst you, make sure they are trimmed and look cool, not with bits of last night’s din dins still in there.

Next of course is the clothes they should always be chosen with care and be neatly pressed and clean. Jeans are good and if you don’t already have some check out this, for a few choices.


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